Boiler Government Grants

Are you in the know about Boiler Government Grants? You could be entitled to a free boiler through the new ECO initiative the government have set up in replacement of other directives. If your boiler is over 10 years old, and you live in what is classed as a ‘low income’ home, then you should be entitled to a boiler government grant.

‘Winter is coming’ and we all know how cold it was last year, well it is not getting warmer! Furthermore the energy bills are not getting cheaper, so the government have put weight on the shoulders of the big energy companies, asking them to help deliver energy efficient installations and appliances to domestic energy users, starting this year! The government have put aside a guaranteed £40m to help make a difference this season, and earmarked £125m for the scheme as a whole. The scheme will be delivered on a first come first served basis, so don’t dawdle, delaying your enquiry could cost you. Boilers over 10 years old are not very energy efficient, and as a low income family, you may find it difficult, with rising energy bills, to keep your head above water this winter; with Christmas lurking around the corner. However the government plan on delivering new, gas condensing boilers which help keep hot gases contained, rather than letting them seep out. As a result, that vapour is now trapped, and recovers even more energy, hence a higher energy efficiency rating. Considering your boiler will amount to 55% of your energy bill this year, it won’t be something I will be turning my nose up at. You could even get a combi boiler, that does not require a cylinder, therefore giving you more room to burn the Christmas dinner, Hooray!



Finding a Green Deal approved installer is not always as easy as it sounds. Unfortunately there are still many people out there who will try and con their way in to getting contracts or bits of work that need doing, ‘cowboy’ is the word that springs to mind. These ‘cowboys’ may pose as green deal approved installers, when they aren’t, in order to try and get a bit of work. You may look on them with pity, and think ‘Aww, they’re just trying to make a living’, but the reality is making energy efficiency improvements to your house is not a simple procedure, and a botched job will only end up costing you more money; or possibly de-value your property. The government is adamant that any green deal approved installer MUST be certified by a Certification Body as meeting the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2030. They must also agree to their practices being monitored by certified assessors, to ensure they are installing to Government standards.

The best way to find an approved green deal installer is either on this site.

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How to get Boiler Replacement Grants:

1. Have a Green Deal assessment carried out on

the property.

2. Get and agree quotes from a Green Deal

Provider who‘s registered with the Cashback

scheme* (this could be directly with a national

brand or through a local tradesperson linked

with a Provider)

3. Apply for Cashback voucher online or by

phone. Your Provider may be able to do this for

you – ask them

4. Complete works within three months (six

months for solid wall).

Alternatively, if you are Looking to Become an Energy Company Obligation Scheme Participant:

1. Sign up to the Green Deal Arrangements Agreement, a contract between Green Deal Providers and electricity suppliers governing the payment collection and remittance process;

2. Agree to become members of the Green Deal Ombudsman and Investigation Service (via www.ombudsman-services.org/-join-us-os.html);

3. Comply with the Green Deal Code of Practice;

4. Obtain access to the Green Deal Central Charge Database (contact gdcc@gemserv.com for more information); and

5. Become authorised users of the EPC Register in England and Wales and separately in Scotland.


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  • Your circumstances qualify
  • Your current boiler is over 5 years old
  • Your home is heated by mains gas


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